Thursday, April 24, 2014


So we made it through the Canadian border. This was the first time Nile ever played in Canada and people were hungry for it! The support bands and fans were super enthusiastic and so into it. The vibes at these Canadian shows were positive and fun. It made me really like my job.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows!

We met up with the Behemoth guys while we were there too. They came and visited us for a drink after our show in... Montreal I think it was? Personally I was tired and in need of a shower, so I didn't partake. But, such is life ;)
Behemoth and Nile are basically following each other around the continent on this tour. The border police even said to us on our way out "You guys are so cheery! We had a Polish band come through here last night and they were not nearly as chipper as you."
Early morning border crossing. Everybody up!

Our little corner of Montreal

Nergal and George - Crazy guys ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New York

Not much to say today. NYC show. Cool fans. Busy day.

"I will gladly pay $5 for a juice if I can use your bathroom..."
My brother Steve came to visit! Highlight of my day for sure!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day off in Rochester, NY

First thing in the morning (well, noon), emergency dentist! Awesome! Turns out that the dentist may have fucked up one of the fillings I got before I left and now I need a root canal. Nice! I see 3 more weeks of soft foods in my future, and lots of ibuprofen until I get home and can take care of this... 

After the dentist I went back to the hotel and chilled out, ate some grub, and caught up on episodes of "The Following"

A couple of pics of the area... on may way to Subway.

New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Day

Today we joined forces with many other bands for the Saturday portion of New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. They have in-house merch vendors so I was not behind the table today. I'm not going to elaborate on my experience with the in-house merch vendors. Very nice people, we'll leave it at that.
We did see a few people we knew who were working with other bands on the bill.
Robin M. (merch extraordinaire) came and said hello and that was nice. She gave me some invaluable advice and tips that were sooooo appreciated. Thanks Robin!
Our dressing room was overrun with Sam Black Church people drinking and eating all day and night, so I finally took a shower while Karl stood guard. Even though it's a dirty tiny cubicle with no door, that shower felt fucking fantastic.

It looks like someone wrote this while the dryer was actually on...

Karl filming a scene for some indie horror flick guy.
He had to "pretend" to be pissed off and beat this guy up.
That's right up Karl's alley!

On a walkabout in Worcester, MA

We're not used to being out in sunlight....

Heh heh, This is George, the original Frisbie Hoar

And... Fucking NILE! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baltimore, MD

We have arrived! After a 650+ mile drive from Atlanta, GA to Baltimore, MD in some not-too-nice weather, we made it only a *little* bit behind schedule (thanks to Washington D.C. traffic). But we were up and running on time and it was a great show. The fans tonight were so enthusiastic, singing along, throwing the horns, and having a great time. And they bought some merch too, which makes me happy ;)
I also saw Lindsey, who does merch on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruises and she came to say hello, which was cool. Seeing familiar faces along the way is always a nice surprise.

Nice view from the merch area today

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And.... We Have Lift Off!

What a fuckin' mess :-/

Okay Gorilla Tape - You rock, really, but I DO need the skin to stay attached to my fingers!!

Now we're getting somewhere...

Aww, I missed you lady!

George Kollias special Greek Frappe - Fuel for a VERY long day. Thanks George!
And we're ready to roll!

The "finished" product.... First show at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA.

Thumbs Up, Babe!

A BIG thanks to Kadria from Inviolate for her help bringing me the grid wall and my new dress model to keep me company!